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Hot Summer Days - Prevent Dehydration with KER DRINK-UP™

KER DrinkUp

Horses are renowned to be fussy about drinking and changes to the water supply can make them reluctant to drink and rehydrate.  This is of particular concern as horses are then at risk of dehydration, particularly if exercising, travelling or away from home competing.

We have all heard the saying – “You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make them drink!” and this is certainly true when it comes to ensuring that horses are in good health and able to produce their best work – we must be confident that the horse will drink, as adequate hydration is vital if the horse is to put in a winning performance.

Today’s horse owners have help at hand with an easy to use, highly effective additive that encourages horses to drink and rehydrate.

Made by the highly respected Kentucky Equine Research who have helped many equine superstars to reach full potential, KER Drink-Up™ is a highly palatable blend designed to encourage horses to drink water. Drink-Up is a scientifically formulated, complex combination of ingredients, which work together to increase a horse’s willingness to drink and rehydrate. 

Research has shown that 90% of horses increased water intake with Drink-Up.



  1. Scientifically formulated, highly palatable, complex combination of
  2. Increases horse’s acceptance of water and therefore aids in the prevention
       of dehydration*
  3. Flavoured to further encourage horses to drink
  4. Contains KER Restore™ to help stimulate thirst*
  5. Individual 80g sachet - easy and ready to use
  6. Can be used in conjunction with an electrolyte replacer
  7. Formulated and produced in Australia


  1. Encouraging acceptance of unfamiliar water sources
  2. Assisting horses to drink before, during and after travelling
  3. Recovering from illness to help stimulate thirst
  4. Encouraging working and competing horses to drink to help maintain
       hydration status
  5. Fussy drinkers - at home or away
  6. Post work re-hydration or after work treat

*Note: While Drink-Up contains KER Restore - it is not a complete electrolyte dose.

Drink-Up can be used at home, whilst travelling or during competition.  Empty one 80g sachet of Drink-Up into 5 litres of clean, fresh water and stir to enhance flavour. Offer immediately or wait 30 minutes to further enhance flavor

Drink-Up comes in 80g Sachets - Drink-Up Box 20 Sachets

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Happy riding!