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Protecting your horse’s legs – Prevention is better than cure!

P{ro Mesh Boots

Whether dancing in the dressage arena, jumping so high as to draw gasps from the crowd, or just enjoying a bush ride with their favourite human, the horse works hard to please … and their legs do most of the work! 

For such a fine and intricate structure, the horse’s legs are a wonderful example of efficient biomechanics.  But the downside is that they carry a lot of weight, and in fast work the hoof bears approximately 500 kilos of pressure per square centimeter.  This impact subjects the horse’s legs to strains; wear and tear injuries and unbalanced steps can result in brushing or over-reaching wounds.  Leg problems are often ongoing and may deny the horse the opportunity to reach full potential!

The horse’s legs are a wonderful example
of efficient biomechanics - be sure to protect them!

It is wise equine management to take precautions, which not only provide peace of mind, but also helps to keep your horse sound, healthy and injury free.

Leg protection will reduce the risk of the horse sustaining impact and strain injuries during their daily training sessions - this is particularly important for young horses, as they are still gaining strength and learning to balance.  

The Eurohunter Pro Mesh Boot Collection offers all horse owners and riders a range of highly effective, easy care horse protection boots for every equine sport and every horse’s special requirements.

“Pro Mesh” was designed specifically to make equestrian boots.  The extremely strong Pro Mesh BASF* Thermo Plastic Polyurethane (TPU) outer layer is a tear proof material that makes these boots especially tough and able to take daily abuse.  With an inner mesh material fused into the TPU hexagonal grid for strength, the Pro Mesh layer offers an unparalleled combination of flexibility, strength and durability in a lightweight, easy fit design.

The Pro Mesh BASF* TPU outer layer is designed to provide maximum all around protection.  A shock absorbing inner lining deflects energy from over-reaching and protects the vital areas of the hoof.

The comprehensive Eurohunter Pro Mesh Boot Collection includes a wide range of styles to cater for all leg protection requirements. They are easy-fit, easy-care and feature a no-turn knob, which keeps the boot in place and prevents discomfort or pressure.
Eurohunter Pro Mesh Boots are machine washable on the cool, delicate cycle and placed where they can dry naturally – no stable is complete without Pro Mesh Boots to protect the horse.

Here is the fantastic Eurohunter Pro Mesh leg protection range - specifically designed for all equestrian sport.

Pro Mesh Eventing Boots Pro Mesh Multi Sport Boot
Pro Mesh Overreach Boot
Pro Mesh Fetlock Boots
Pro Mesh Boot


Pro Mesh Boot

  Pro Mesh Boots