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Fleck Whips – Tradition meets Innovation!

Fleck Whips

Fleck of Germany is the world’s leading manufacturer of superbly crafted whips, crops and bats, designed to aid performance in all equine sports including dressage, jumping, eventing, harness racing, carriage driving, recreational riding and lunging.

Fleck Contact

Behind the respected Fleck name stands 140 years of tradition and highly specialised expertise.  The company takes pride in precision workmanship, use of state-of-the-art materials and grips, which have resulted in a range of whips that are a perfectly balanced and unobtrusive to use. 


Leading International riders such as the German Champion Helen Langehanenberg (pictured right) insist on Fleck because of the feel, infinite control and the perfect balance in hand that the lightweight, flexible yet strong materials deliver

Helen Langehanenberg

You too can experience the Fleck difference by calling in to your nearest Saddleworld Store and checking out the range of Fleck whips.

Please note that not all whips in the extensive Fleck range will be available at all times.

How to measure bats and whips

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