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Kentucky Horse Boots  - High Tech advancements ensure
superior protection.

Thomas Tuytens

It was with great enthusiasm that Saddleworld recently welcomed 32 year old Thomas Tuytens, (left) the principal of Kentucky Horsewear from Belgium, to Australia as a special guest at the Saddleworld Annual Conference and product training sessions which are a part of the stores’ continuing professional development and staff education.

Thomas impressed all with his vision to combine a passion for 3 Day Eventing with marketing concepts and knowledge of high performance materials gained from experience in his family’s business, Concordia Textiles, which specialises in manufacturing technical fabrics such as Cordura and Kevlar for Military, Medical and work wear applications.

In 2007 Thomas moved from Belgium to open the new production plant in Suzhou (China) where he spent 3 years. While in China, Thomas was exposed to a more creative and entrepreneurial approach to commerce and this inspired him to think “outside the square” and look for better solutions for protecting horse’s legs.

  Thomas Tuytens with his product
Thomas Tuytens with part of his
Kentucky Horsewear range.

As a rider and competitor, Thomas was frustrated that the equestrian industry had not embraced the technological advancements that he knew so well.  He realised that the use of modern materials would provide superior performance and other benefits in boots and wraps to keep horses safe from impact injury.  These very stable materials do not overheat, lose shape or degrade from use in the harsh conditions, which are part of many equine sports. Thomas was sure that this was what horse people were looking for!

  Kentucky Boots cross section
A cross section of the Kentucky Horsewear boots
showing the layers of protective materials

Excited by the possibilities, Thomas’ passion for horses and hi tech materials saw the emergence of a new concept for protective boots and leg wraps.  In 2009 work began with professional riders and industry experts.   These collaborations have produced a range of unique horse boots that give superior protection, ease of use, strength and long wearing properties.

Kentucky Horseboots would be manufactured in a new and innovative way to take advantage of three patented and unique products known to give superior performance and leading edge protection.

D30 – is a soft pliable product, rather like “playdoh” which hardens on impact and this meant that horses were afforded the same impact protection that was well known in motor cycle sports and snowboarding.


Thomas with D 30

Above and Below - Thomas Tuytens
shows the properties of D30

  Thomas Tuytens with D30  

Solimbra was the perfect material for use in horse boots, as it is a strong and durable all weather resistant fabric which is highly breathable, 100% waterproof, UV resistant, long wearing, low maintenance and 100 recyclable.
Recuptex is based on the Bekaert Bekinox technology: the finest inox fibre in the world. These fibres are thin filaments from different alloys. This fabric is patented and shields 99.99% of EMI smog. Tested at EMC research centre - FMEC Laboratory for Global Reliability.

  Thomas tests product
Thomas tests his product on Michelle's arm

The Kentucky Horsewear fabric containing these fibres shields external electromagnetic interference (EMI), and importantly, equally shields all magnetic fields created in the body. EMI shields can have a range of healing effects on the body.

Recuptex can help to prolong your horse's sports performance, create greater inflammatory response which assists to more quickly heal bone fractures and cell metabolism. Thomas saw the very real benefits that these modern technologies would give to the professional and high performance horse rider and trainer.

  Michelle show the Therapy Boot
Michelle shows the Kentucky Therapy wrap

With these exciting materials available to the equine industry, Kentucky Horsewear was established in August 2010 and has rapidly become the most respected brand of protective boots and wraps for all horse sports. The brand has the endorsement of many of the world’s most successful elite riders who trust their horse’s safety and soundness to Kentucky Horsewear.

The name Kentucky Horsewear was licensed from the famous German clothing brand Kentucky Reitmoden that was established in 1961. The companies are run separately and only share the brand name/logo and the worldwide distribution network. 

Thomas Tuytens is committed to “producing the best, as opposed to simply being the biggest”, and is adamant that this won’t change.
Thomas told Saddleworld, “My focus has always been to specialise in exceptional horse leg protection and to be the benchmark which other brands aspire to.”

Thomas travels the world talking horses’ leg protection.  It is obvious that he loves his work and the Saddleworld training sessions highlighted his passion, depth of knowledge and commitment to horses and the people who care for them.

“I am delighted that Aussie riders like Phil Lever, Clayton Fredericks, Chris Burton, Shane Rose and Megan Jones are using Kentucky boots … and the list is growing!” enthused Thomas.

The Kentucky Horsewear collection is available in Australia at Saddleworld stores – check for the nearest location.

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