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Eurohunter Girths – care for your horse – care for your pocket.




Using old, worn, poor quality and poor fitting gear is acknowledged to be false economy for horse owners/trainers and can be responsible for the onset of resistant behaviour which could progress to highly undesirable behavioural traits that are difficult to overcome and in a worst case scenario, downright dangerous.

This is particularly relevant when it comes to the choice of girth and most experienced riders agree that an old, worn, dirty or incorrectly adjusted girth risks girth galls, pinched skin which can develop into open sores causing pain and making the horse resentful and resistant. 

Girthing can be a troublesome matter for owners of sensitive or reactionary horses and particular care is needed to understand the performance expectations of various girths.  It is recommended that the owner does adequate research and talk to an expert about the readily available and affordable choices. 

The scope of this article is to give some everyday options and the Eurostar collection assures that the manufacturing process and materials used meet the highest standards.  Eurohunter girths represent excellent value for money, reliable performance with easy care and maintenance.

Saddleworld is very proud to offer the Eurohunter range, knowing that Eurohunter girths have been subjected to the most stringent evaluation process.  You can buy Eurohunter with confidence and your horse will appreciate your carefully considered choice and the comfort afforded by Eurohunter.

Eurohunter Deluxe Gel Anti-Gall
Our best selling girth is made with a gel centre and elastic both ends which helps give your horse the care it needs when working.
Sizes: 55-85 cm
Colour: Black 
Price: $59.95


 Eurohunter Neoprene Automatic
Super comfort.  Sweat absorbing 10 cm neoprene girth with roller buckles.  Automatically finds each hole when tightening.
Sizes:  55-85 cm
Colour: Black
Price: $99.95


Eurohunter Anti-Gall Elastic Girth

Lonsdale anti-gall with elastic one end and stainless steel roller buckles Sizes: Sizes:  55-85 cm
Colour: Black
Price: $39.95


Eurohunter Deluxe Gel Western Cinch
A hardwearing, anti-gall gel girth
Sizes:  65, 70 and 75 cm
Colour: Black or Brown
Price: $59.95

 Western Cinch

Eurohunter Shaped Elastic Girth

Anatomically shaped for greater comfort.
Automatic buckle closure for ease of use.
Sizes:  90 - 140 cm
Colour: Black or Brown
Price: $59.95

 Shaped Elastic Girth


Eurohunter Anti-gall Tubular Girth
Hardwearing, practical and easily maintained girths.
Sizes:  50 - 80 cm
Colour: Black, Brown or White
Price: $49.95

Tube Girth