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Equestrian Queensland and the Hendra Virus

Equestrian Queensland

The Board of Equestrian Queensland bi-annually holds meetings with the Sport Committees. After the recent announcement of EA’s Hendra By-law on 1st July, 2014 and at the request of some of our Sports Committees, it was agreed that a meeting be convened between the Sport Committees and the EQ Board, prior to the EQ Board meeting on Tuesday 15 July, 2014.

It was acknowledged that due to the impact on event organisers and clubs as it related to events, that the invitation be extended to include those stakeholders.

It was a unanimous position and agreed upon, that the Board of Equestrian Queensland has been directed to refer this matter to EA, identifying the impact and concern of our Queensland members.

The outcome of the meeting was unanimous between the State Board, Sport Committees, event organisers and stakeholders including a representative of the Show Guild of Queensland and Queensland Endurance Riders Association, that had contributed.

The consensus is, that the EA Hendra By-law is unacceptable and unworkable due to the severe impact to our organisation, members and stakeholders.

The Board of Equestrian Queensland applauds the level of education and knowledge our members have and the responsible approach they have taken to the management of the Hendra virus and their bio security processes.

Peter Toft
ChairEquestrian Queensland