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Prestige X-Technology – The Winning Edge!

Prestige XTechnology

Prestige Italia have become world leaders in the manufacture of saddles and riding equipment, designed to meet the highest expectations of competitive riders and serious horse trainers.

Prestige’s X-Technology is a unique system that offers riders an ultra close contact and feel, with no compromise to the comfort and well-being of the horse.         

Prestige’s R & D experts undertook studies of the human anatomy and carefully considered the comfort and ease of movement of the horse.  The result was X-Technology, a system, which ensures maximum closeness to the horse by making minor adjustments to the tree - and not by resorting to an extreme twist, lengthening the tree supports, or by shifting the centre of gravity to the rear of the seat – all of which can harm the horse.

  Prestige X-Technology for unparalleled
closeness between horse and rider ...
Prestige XTechnology
High-Tech Membranes protect the horse's back
and provides ultimate feel and comfort for the rider!

X-Technology has enabled Prestige to deliver unparalleled closeness between horse and rider by imbedding elastic membranes into the saddletree.  These membranes are filled with a high-tech, shock absorbing material in the area corresponding to the rider’s seat bones. 


Contact your local Saddleworld store for more information about  Prestige X-Technology,  available in many of Prestige’s most popular saddles to give  optimal comfort and performance. 

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