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Stirrup Leathers – the little things make a big difference!

Stirrup Leathers

The choice of stirrup leathers would seem like a relatively inconsequential decision compared with researching and selecting the most appropriate saddle and riders will often believe that there is very little difference between the various brands and styles – except perhaps, for the quality of the leather used!  

Riders who believe that there is little difference in the available choice of stirrup leathers are unlikely to have caught up with the huge changes in the manufacturing techniques, style options and product benefits that go into modern stirrup leathers.

The traditional manufacturing techniques are still available and mostly appeal because they are made from tough, courser grade hides, which are hard wearing and suit the buyer looking for a robust longevity and great value for money.

Today’s stirrup leather options are innovative with new styling features that gives a wide choice to suit every personal preference and budget.

Manufacturers have found a way to prevent the near side leather (mounting side), from stretching by using a core of flexible webbing that will not lose shape or stretch.  The webbing is then encased with top quality leather and stitched to give strength with a turnout finish.  This style is often tanned to match a particular saddle range to give a beautiful overall look to the mounted saddle.

Eurohunter Capped Leathers
Eurohunter Capped Leathers
Eliminates bulk under the rider's leg
Prestige Single Strap
Prestige Single Strap T Bar Adjustment
Ideal for "Close Contact" Dressage

A very popular feature of some modern stirrup leather is the way the buckle is affixed to the end of the strap.  Instead of the traditional turnover of the leather and stitching the doubled thickness making a very bulky attachment.   Then consider that when you add the thickness of the adjustment end to the under leg mass, and this will mean that the rider cannot achieve a close leg contact with the horse and the lumpy buckle (and three thicknesses of heavy weight harness leather) can cause rubbing and discomfort to the rider and mark the saddle, reducing it’s new look and value.

Another design innovation comes by way of a stirrup leather made from just a single strap.  The length adjustments are made down near the stirrup iron with a metal T-bar fitting locked into notches in the leather strap, with a sleeve over the adjustment point keeps it neat and in place.  This style eliminates bulk under the riders’ leg and adds to the benefits of choosing a close contact saddle.

Stirrup leathers are also available in synthetic material and in the quality brands; it is very difficult to tell the difference between top quality leather.  The synthetic leathers are very strong and ideal for the time poor rider who wants to keep tack cleaning to a minimum, as they only need a wipe down with a damp cloth.

Here are just some of Saddleworld’s extensive range of stirrup leathers – there is something for everyone … and you are invited in to discuss the extensive range with your nearest Saddleworld expert.

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Grainge Reinforced Leathers
Grainge Elite Reinforced Stirrup Leathers - Made with top quality Sedgwick Leather
Grainge Bridlewear

Grainge Leathers

Grainge Elite Stirrup Leathers
Made with top quality Sedgwick LeatherGrainge Bridlewear

Eurohunter Capped Leather Stirrups
Eurohunter Capped Stirrup Leathers
Mazde from leather look synthetic
with web reinforced core
Eurohunter Stockmams Stirrup Leathers
Eurohunter Stockmams Wide
Stirrup Leathers
2 1/2" solid leather, wide Ox bows
Available on special order

Prestige Non Stretch Stirrup Leathers
Beautiful quality close contact
Prestige Dressage Leathers
Prestige Ideal T Bar Stirrup Leathers
come in Standard and Short lengths
Pessoa 1 Inch Stirrup Leathers
Pessoa 1 Inch Stirrup Leathers
Top grade leather and finish
Pessoa Biothane Stirrup Leathers
Pessoa Biothane Stirrup Leathers
The fully stitched leather is covering a biothane belt, which is a high density webbing for maximum resistance

Zilco P{U Stirrup Leathers
Zilco PU Stirrup Leathers
Extremely hard wearing
just wipe down to maintain