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Saddleworld Summer Catalogue Sale offers the Innovative Prestige Relax Performance Girth!

Summer Sale

Girth sensitivity is known to rob many highly talented horses of their optimum peak performance!

Solutions have been difficult to find as traditional girthing systems concentrate pressure into the sensitive area behind the elbow.

The Prestige research and development team have worked tirelessly, examining the way both dressage and jumping horses move in order to find a way to solve this very significant problem. 

The Prestige Relax Performance A 52 girth is a completely new concept based on a round shaped panel, which makes contact with the horse over a wider area and alloowing the girth to slide inside the panel to eliminate the lateral push/pull associated with fixed girthing systems.

Horses are now able to move without hindrance to athleticism or expression which would otherwise prevent them reaching full potential and training on to meet the exacting standards of modern equestrian sport.

Prestige Comfort Performace
Relax Performance girth by Prestige is
a small innovation that solves a big problem!

The RP girth offers the following advantages:

  • Because the girth can slightly slide through the round shaped comfort panel, nearly all side-to-side movement and the interference this causes, is eliminated.
  • The pressure from the girth is now spread out over a broad surface, making it more comfortable for the horse.
  • Thanks to the padded round contour and three inner oval inserts, made from an extremely soft material, the panel generates an air cushion for a secure fit and greatly reduced pressure to the girthing area.
  • The round panel ensures optimum functionality of the girth - even when exposed to dirt, water, mud and sweat.

Eliminates almost all side movements in the girth area

Gives great freedom to the horse’s elbows, chest and rib cage.

The series of images below show the round shaped panel secure against the horse.  The yellow line taped to the centre of the girth, shows the sliding action of the Prestige Relax Performance A52 girth, as it follows the horse’s movement and allows freedom of the elbow, chest and rib cage. 

The Relax Performance girth with yellow tape attached
to identify the centre and show the degree of sliding movement.

Centre of girth in straight position

Note the sliding movement to left!

Note the sliding movement to right!

Adjusting to lateral bend.

Go to the YouTube clip to see the amazing Prestige RP (Relaxed Performance) girth in action.

Be sure to check out this exciting innovation and take advantage of the
Summer Catalogue Sale Price ... $424.95

Go to for information or to access the 2016 Saddleworld Product Guide.