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Magic Brush – Make your grooming woes disappear – like magic!!!

Magic Brush

With much of Australia experiencing wet and muddy conditions, horse owners are grappling with the extra grooming that is required to remove mud clumps and dirt from the horse’s legs and coat, before they can be tacked up for exercise. 

A Magic Brush makes light work of the chore, due to the unique triangular and conical shaped quadro bristles, which facilitate astonishing results - cleaning, grooming and massaging – “just like magic”!  The bristles adjust to the hair quality, level of dirt and debris, and work with the same efficiency on a wet or dry coat.  

Magic Brushes are made from a high quality EU material and are nearly indestructible – even if trodden on by a horse!

Magic Brush

With minimal effort, the bristles will remove dirt and scurf right down to the skin.
The action massages while cleaning and stimulates the dermal blood supply, promoting hair growth and a healthy, shiny glow.  Perfect for use on all horses - from the fine summer coat of a Thoroughbred, to the thick winter coat that is found in native pony breeds.
 The perfect grooming aid for dogs and cats too!

A Magic Brush makes a great sweat scraper and is the ideal accessory for shampooing and deeply cleaning the coat and skin.  It will not cause discomfort in sensitive areas such as the legs, flanks and face. 
You can give your horse a winning edge in the show ring or competition arena with super "sharks teeth" patterns that are made easy with the incomparable coat penetration of the Magic Brush bristles - perfect for back combing the designs with a higher degree of definition.

Discerning horse people have discovered that keeping a number of Magic Brushes on hand will help with general stable management and personal care.  They are highly effective in removing horsehair and dirt from clothing and for cleaning the outside layer and inside linings of horse rugs.

The Magic Brush can be washed in a bucket of warm water with a splash of mild detergent or in the washing machine. Colour co-ordinated packs of three; make identification easy for hygienic specific uses and to avoid cross contamination or the spread of stable infections and skin conditions.

Take a look at the amazing Magic Brush at your nearest Saddleworld store.

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Happy riding!