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Grazioli Boots – give you the “professionals” edge!

Grazioli Boots

With the Australian competition season well underway and many of the most prestigious events still to come, it is acknowledged that presentation is a major consideration. Most competitors realise that correct, well-maintained equipment says much about the rider’s attention to detail in their training and preparation routine.

Grazioli Tio and Field Boots

Beautifully fitted top boots are the finishing touch to perfect rider presentation, and it is for this reason that Saddleworld is proud to offer the Grazioli footwear collection.
Featuring both top boots and field boots, this collection will satisfy the most discerning rider looking to make their mark and impress judges and spectators alike.

Grazioli boots are made in Italy observing the traditional boot-maker’s craft, using only the highest quality materials, selected from the finest grain calf hides with leather lining and a leather foot strap. The Grazioli brand assures comfort, exceptional feel and superb elegance.

Grazioli boots feature DNS-XT1 technology for absorbing shock and providing greater support, improved performance results in increased comfort, stability and resistance.

DNS-XT1 guarantees durability and superior traction for a higher level of performance.

Grazioli Boots

You will be pleasantly surprised when you see the quality that Grazioli boots deliver for a very competitive price. Grazioli makes it possible for all riders to access top quality footwear – feel the difference that balanced and purpose crafted top boots will make to your performance!

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