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Eurohunter Freedom Girth – helping to keep horses comfortable and happy!

Eurohunter Freedom Girth

Many horses are very sensitive, particularly when it comes to girthing.  Riders (and grooms) are well advised to bear this I mind if resistances begin to emerge.

An inappropriate choice of girth, improper placement or incorrect adjustment of the girth are all likely to cause the horse discomfort and give rise to ongoing behavioural issues.

If early signs of girthing problems are not addressed, the resistances are likely to become habituated and difficult to overcome.  Horses can be resentful about girthing and respond by threatening to bite or in fact actually biting when the girth is tightened.  Alternatively, the resistance may manifest as kicking out or swinging away from the handler, In both cases the rider (or groom) is at risk of being hurt and this negative behavior is likely to escalate and become a dangerous vice that will devalue the horse and limit it’s potential.

A horse that is anxious about girthing may demonstrate this in a variety of resistances when working under saddle.  The signs to watch include an unwillingness to go forward, crookedness or objection to adopting a correct, relaxed frame.  Discomfort can also be seen in a stiff tail carriage or tight back. 

If horses do not work with ease and make progress in their training, the rider would be wise to explore all possible causes, paying particular attention to girthing. 

Be sure to check everything! This will mean a thorough inspection of the horse and gear making sure that the horse has no sore spots, rubbed skin or a section of matted hair under the girth. The girth must be in good condition, clean and supple with no wear, splits or roughened edges.  It is false economy to use old and worn gear, which may cause the horse discomfort and establish an ongoing fear of pain.

The style of girth can make a big difference for some horses and an “anatomical” design will help to distribute the pressure in a way that minimises interference and enhances freedom of movement.

Eurohunter Freedom Girth
Eurohunter Freedom Girth - Complete ease and comfort for the horse.

The Eurohunter FREEDOM girth has been anatomically designed and the shaped lines and padded lining facilitate optimum comfort for the horse.  This unique girth allows the horse to move with complete freedom, while at the same time keeping the saddle securely in place.  It is manufactured using easy care, high-tech materials, which prevent rubbing and galling.

Be sure to take a look at the innovative design of the Eurohunter FREEDOM girth at your local Saddleworld store – go to for locations and more information.