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Transporting Horses – Leg Protection to Minimise the Risk of Injury.

Eurohunter Flopating Boots

To enjoy horse sport and make it possible to participate in equine activities, shows and competitions, it will be necessary for owners and riders to move horses to the venue in a float or truck. Transporting horses can be dangerous and great care is necessary to prevent people or horses getting hurt.

Be sure to provide your horse with adequate floating education before you make a commitment to participate in an event.  You must also teach the horse to wear leg protection, as new gear needs to be carefully introduced. Arrange short trips away from home to start in order accustom the horse to floating as they need time to understand and accept the many lessons that a confident traveller has learned.

Inexperienced or nervous horses are often afraid of confined spaces such as a float and their fear is manifested in behaviours such as erratic movements, swaying or repeatedly stamping and pawing at the floor.  These and other signs of fear indicate that the horse is not confident and more float training is needed.

When using public roads, we must accept that unforseen hazards exist and most motorists are blissfully unaware that towing a float with a horse on board demands defensive driving for a smooth, safe journey.  The driver must increase and decrease the speed gradually, taking particular care to avoid erratic swerves or reactionary quick braking that would cause the horse to lose balance.

Even the most experienced and considerate float drivers will encounter traffic hazards that demand an instant response and should such action be necessary, the horse is likely to be displaced and left scrambling to find secure footing.

Great care must be taken to consider your precious cargo – horses cannot hang on to safety straps or a handrail and rely on you to keep them safe! Pay attention to the traffic flow and weather conditions and be sure to give other road users adequate warning of your intentions.  If possible, take a route that you are familiar with so that you can avoid known hazards and rough roads, steep gradients or other conditions that may hinder a trouble free trip.

Protect your horse from floating injuries by using Eurohunter anatomically designed boots which wrap around the legs and follow the contours from above the knees and hocks, down and around the upper hoof, to minimise injuries to the joints, cannon bones, tendons, pasterns, bulb of the heel and the sensitive coronet area.

Eurohunter Travel and Transport Boots provide the perfect solution in a choice of two convenient and effective leg protection options for horses in transit.  They are quick and easy to fit and adjust and will not over-tighten or slip, as happens with travel bandages.   

Make a safe, injury free arrival your No 1 priority and protect your horse’s legs with Eurohunter Travel or Transport Boots. Be sure to keep a set in the float or tack room for each horse and travel safe, travel Eurohunter every time you load up and leave home.
Allow plenty of time for loading your horse, travelling and settling in at your destination. Remember, rushed and stressed people translate their anxiety to the horse and they pick up on these negative vibes.

Take a look at Eurohunter Transport and Travel Boots at your local Saddleworld store – go to for more information and to access the 2016 Saddleworld Product Guide.

Eurohunter Transport Boots

Eurohunter Transport Boots
600 Denier outer with high density foam and cotton lining.
Contoured with multiple wide tabs to ensure a great fit.
The set of 4 comes in a convenient carry bag for easy storage and handling.
Sizes:  Cob or Full
Colour: Navy with red trim

Eurohunter Travel Boots

Eurohunter Travel Boots

600 Denier outer with high density foam and fleece lining.

Contoured for great fit with 3 wide tabs to make them quick and easy to put on.

Colour: Navy
Come as a set of 4.