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Leather Care - 4 Tips for Protecting and Rejuvenating

Prestige Leather Care Kit

Next to the purchase of a horse, the saddle is likely to be the riders’ most significant investment, so taking good care of this asset is a worthwhile consideration. Here are 4 tips for good maintenance and care of your valuable leather goods.

  1. After daily use, wipe saddles and bridles with a damp cloth – if particularly dirty or sweaty, use saddle soap or a cleaning cream. Cleaning before moisturising is very important, as cream applied to a dirty saddle will act as an abrasive agent that can irreparably damage the surface.
  2. Weekly (depending on use) clean as above and apply a nourishing cream.
  3. Monthly remove stirrup leathers and thoroughly clean and nourish all parts of the saddle, paying particular attention to the crevices and seams
  4. Do not over oil or moisturise as this will make the leather limp and affect its strength and resilience.

Improved tanning processes, special purpose designs and modern manufacturing techniques give riders a vast choice of beautifully made saddles and bridlewear, which will last for decades if correctly cared for.

Hides are selected for their quality, lustre and suppleness and today’s equipment does not need months of “breaking in” to give optimum comfort …  as was the case with saddles of yesteryear.

Prestige VenusIn the course of daily use, leather gear gets dirty with sweat, grime, dust and exposure to the weather, this depletes the natural oils, which protects the finish and keeps leather soft and supple.

The damage caused by everyday use and exposure to the weather goes on out of sight, beneath the surface and if the leather is neglected it will dry out and cracks will eventually appear.

Right - The beautiful Prestige Roma dressage saddle. Cleaning and care will keep it looking great and performing well for decades.

To keep the leather performing like new and prolong the life of your saddles and tack, it is important to clean, nourish and moisturise regularly.

Rejuvenated SaddleOlder equipment, which has become “thirsty” and brittle can be rejuvenated and brought back to life with some TLC and the help of the modern, specially formulated products, which are designed for the job.

Right - an old saddle that has ben brought back to life by cleaning and several applications of a nourishing cream.

Before you toss it, clean and moisturise it, you will be surprised by the results!

If leather care is incorporated as a regular part of your routine, it is quite simple and does not take a lot of time.

Prestige Leather Care KitSaddleworld has a comprehensive range of leather care products formulated to help you keep your gear in peak “as new” condition. Ask for expert advice, as there are a number of high quality products for each specific leather care/renovation job.

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