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Glanders Update from Equine Veterinarians Australia

Equine Vetrinarians Australia

Now that Germany has reported a glanders case to the OIE, it loses its status as an approved country for the export of horses to Australia.

This means that any horse that has resided in Germany after 26 November 2014 (the date of the first positive test sample) will need to spend six months in a glanders-free country before it is eligible for export to Australia. This includes competition horses.

All horses travelling from Europe will now also need to test negative to glanders before export to Australia, given the fluid nature of the borders in Europe. However, as long as they have not been in Germany they can move freely between any approved country before travelling to Australia without the six month restriction.
The horse shipping companies have been informed of these changes and we are in the process of advising other countries.

We will review Germany’s status in six months time. If there are sufficient surveillance date to confirm the country is again free from glanders, imports from Germany should be able to resume.

Kind regards,
Janene Kingston BVSc, MVS, DVSc, PhD, MANZCVSc, DipACVIM
Senior Veterinary Officer | Animal Division | Animal Biosecurity Branch | Livestock, Companion and Zoo Animals

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