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German Horse Imports to Australia Threatened


News from IRT (International Racehorse Transport)

The OEI was notified on Friday ((30th Jan. 2015) of a case of the equine disease Glanders in Germany. (See link below) This will have an impact on the export certification of horses from Germany.

One of the biggest restrictions will be the export of horses from Germany to Australia. Australia's current import requirements state:

"After due enquiry, for 180 days immediately before export, or since birth if under six months of age, the horse has been continuously resident and free of quarantine restriction in Germany or other countries where no clinical, epidemiological or other evidence of glanders has occurred during the previous three years and the disease is compulsorily notifiable."

The Department of Agriculture in Australia is currently assessing and seeking more information on the Glanders case. Therefore the import of horses directly from Germany to Australia has been suspended until further notice.

Thankyou to IRT for keeping Australia informed.

Click Here for the IRT Facebook Page where this news was discovered.