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Sheepskin Pads – More than a just a pretty look,
here are 5 Reasons why!

Grainge Merino Pads

The use of shaped sheepskin saddle pads has become popular … and at first glance one could be forgiven for thinking that it is a fashion trend! This is far from the case and just an added bonus.

Here are 5 reasons for making a genuine sheepskin pad a part of your horse’s everyday exercise routine.

  • Comfort – allowing you and your horse to work with ease.
  • Insulating and moisture control - sheepskin is a natural fibre renowned for its wicking and absorption qualities.
  • Evens the riders’ weight distribution.
  • Buffers conformational changes - to allow for some physical changes in the horse’s development.
  • For sensitive backed horses – cushions the weight bearing panels of the saddle.

Grainge Merino Pad BrownGrainge Golden Fleece Balance or Classic Half Pads are made from super soft, resilient Merino wool that has miraculous properties for protecting, healing and comforting. The Grainge Merino Blance or Classic Half Pads are a genuine sheepskin product, many other inferior pads comprise fibres which are not natural with more and more synthetic materials being utilised.
Sheepskin has been used for generations for its insulating softness, comfort and assistance to hospital patients in their care and rehabilitation.  Horse riders have discovered the benefits of using nature’s wonder textile to “fine tune” a perfect saddle fit, “cushioning” the saddle’s weight bearing surfaces which sit against the horse’s back.

Grainge Merino PadThere is no escaping the requirement to have the saddle professionally and correctly fitted, but a Grainge Golden Fleece Balance or Classic Half Pad provides the perfect solution to buffer small changes in the horse’s muscular development and weight variations that happen as the horse matures and training progresses.

Grainge Golden Fleece Balance or Classic Half Pads are available in Small, Medium and Large and Black, Brown, Cream and White at your local Saddleworld Store.

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