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Show Season – Step out with the X Factor in Grainge Show Bridles

Grainge Elite Bridles

In show and turnout classes, presentation is paramount.  Top quality, well cared-for bridlewear is the “the winning edge” that gives your look the X factor!

Grainge Elite BridleGrainge Elite show bridles are made from premium quality selected hides from the world’s most respected supplier “Sedgwick Leathers” … and manufactured to the most exacting standards of the Master Saddler’s craft with particular attention to the stitching and placement of the high quality buckles.

Grainge Elite Show Snaffle or Show Weymouth bridles are the perfect choice for show riders looking to take their presentation to the next level.

Grainge Elite Weymouth
Grainge Elite
Show Weymouth
  Grainge Show Snaffle
Grainge Elite
Show Snaffle

Grainge Elite Bridlewear
Now is the time to take advantage of the Saddleworld Super Spring Catalogue Sale savings as Grainge Elite Show Snaffle and Weymouth bridles are on special at 20% off the recommended retail price.

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