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Grainge 5 Point Breastplate- Secure the saddle to secure your success!

Grainge Elite Bridlewear

Managing the many factors that bring a jumping horse to peak performance requires a talented trainer with relentless attention to detail and a sound knowledge of the equipment available for the sport.

Successful showjumping, cross country and hunting horses are the ultimate equine athletes, but only capable of consistent form if the rider has carefully chosen the correct saddle, bridle, bit and breastplate.   The wrong gear or a poor fit will rob the horse of the physical prowess required for success.

The demands of modern equestrian sport means that nothing can be left to chance, and the trainer must make the right equipment choices and understand how to correctly fit and adjust the gear to ensure that the horse is able to move with freedom, confidence and ease.   

A slipping saddle will upset the horse’s confidence, timing and attention to the rider … and any of these will rob the combination of a competitive edge!

The Grainge 5 Point Breastplate offers a perfect solution, with an infinite range of adjustments to suit each and every horse.
The Grainge 5 point Breastplate is designed to secure and centre the position of the saddle to prevent tipping or slipping when jumping. The horse’s comfort and ease of movement is assured because this design distributes the stabilising pressure over 5 points - without putting undue pressure on the saddle tree. The girth is kept forward and correctly positioned. The durable elastic straps and sheepskin padding provide additional comfort.

Grainge Elite Bridlewear and riding equipment is made from top quality, fine grain, English Sedgwick selected bridle leather which is beautiful, easy care and maintains it’s resilience and perfect lustre for many years.

Grainge is the choice of discerning horse people who love the look, feel and performance of top quality equipment.

  Grainge 5 Point Breastplate