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Girthing Issues – 5 Helpful Hints

Eurohunter Comfort Girths

There are many ways that we enjoy our relationship with horses, training them in a sport of choice and enjoying the satisfaction of developing a relationship, which enables our horses to become more capable and confident in their work.

1.     Correctly fitted gear - which will include a saddle designed for the intended purpose, correctly positioned and secured with a comfortable girth, along with correctly fitted bridlewear, are necessary to allow the horse to accept the influence of the rider and work without discomfort or resistance.   Poor choices of gear can impact the horse’s movement and possibly have a detrimental effect on their acceptance and temperament.

A lack of due diligence or wrong choices regarding girthing can lead to problems that could escalate into potentially dangerous evasions.  Riders have a duty of care to ensure that their horse is comfortable and happy.

2.     Cleanliness - is the first pre-requisite of good horse husbandry.   Before any tack is fitted to the horse, a thorough grooming session to ensure that there is no dirt, dry sweat or other material stuck to the horses coat, is essential.   Particular attention must be paid to areas that come into direct contact with the equipment.  It goes without saying that a prickle or roughened edge, which is sitting against the horse, will not facilitate a trouble free ride.

3.     Expert advice - Saddle-fit and correct girthing go hand in hand and riders should consult a trusted expert if resistance when saddling and girthing is observed.  Discomfort will be identified if the horse is “cranky” when being tacked up, shows a reluctance to go forward or a lack of ease in some movements – say jumping, lateral work or riding out where there is a change in terrain.  These signs can be indicators of ill-fitting gear.  The rider must be vigilant when it comes to observing behaviour that suggests that something is wrong. 

4.     When problems are evident, investigate and experiment – make sure that the saddle sits level on the horse’s back and is correctly positioned so as not to interfere with the horse’s shoulder movement and always check for wear and protruding edges.  Make sure that the girth is smooth and free of any areas of wear, which may cause rubbing or irritation. Remember that simple changes of gear and fitting can make a big difference to the horse’s comfort and ease.

5.     Comfort Girths - Eurohunter offers an extensive range of special purpose girths and there are two unique designs, which have shown a proven and positive benefit for sensitive “girthy” horses.

Be sure to contact your local Saddleworld Store and ask about the Eurohunter range of girths or go to the 2015 Saddleworld Product Guide - page 67 for full details.

The Eurohunter Freedom Girth is the ultimate in comfort, designed with the horse in mind.  Allows complete freedom of movement while keeping the saddle securely in place. 

  Eurohunter Freedom Girth  

The Eurohunter Neoprene Automatic offers super comfort sweat absorbing 10 cm neoprene girth with roller buckles.  Automatically finds the hole when tightening.

  Eurohunter Neoprene Automatic  

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